- 9th and 10th June long weekend 2018  WELLINGTON NSW
Central West Dirt Bike Rally returns to its original format for 2018 with tracks to suit all ages.
The Rally which is on the 9th and 10th of June, the long weekend, will feature 2 Enduro loops, AM Blue and PM Red, to suit experienced riders from 13 years and older.
These trails are predominantly single track that wind's through valleys and up hills. They contain tight trees and rocks. Hard options are also available for those up for a challenge! 
The Motocross track is also available for all ages and will be watered and groomed to perfection!

For younger and less experienced riders there is a thumper track which is a open, flat natural terrain track and a short kids trail. These tracks will be exclusively for novice riders and parents.

The PeeWee track will be available learners on Peewee style bikes. This will be limited to 30 bikes that will have a separate sticker and a lower entry fee. Riders will need to be capable of riding with other bikes as it does get quite busy. 

Camping is available and we will also have a kiosk running throughout the weekend. Hot food, coffee snacks and cold drinks will be available.

We have had a Oztent RV3 go missing from the Rally. It is worth over $1000 and is in a 6 foot long bag.
Please let us know if you have seen it or accidentally loaded it with your camping gear.

All riders will be required to fill a entry disclaimer at the event.
If you are under 18 and attending without a parent, please email us for a disclaimer. You still will require adult supervision!

Please find us on Facebook for updates.

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