One Location, 2 great rides.
With our traditional June long weekend event it has been hard to cater for all levels of riders. Therefore we now have two separate rides allowing the trails to be set to suit the occasion.
The June long weekend rally, 10th & 11th June 2017 is now focused on experienced riders with a minimum age limit of 13 years. All trails on the property will be used, including optional  hard sections to test those with a sense of adventure. The Motocross track will be primed, watered and ready to go!
There will be 2 main trails, the Red PM loop both Saturday and Sunday afternoon,
and then the Blue AM loop Sunday morning.
The Pee Wee, and Thumper track will not be available.

The Family ride, 15th and 16th July 2017 will be set up to suit families and novice to intermediate riders. 
The main loop will be a 4wd fire trail that will take in the best views of the Wellington Valley. While it will have a few moderate hillclimbs, they will be groomed beforehand to make them as easy as possible for novice riders.
We can also arrange for sweeps to ride with you for those who would like some assistance around the loop.
The optional medium trails, which will consist of some of the best easy single trail from the June rally, gives riders the chance to see if they are ready for the June rally next year and also entertain more experienced riders.
The Motocross track, Pee Wee track, Kids Trail,  and the Thumper track, will be open throughout the weekend. 
Faster riders will need to respect slower riders and will be asked to take a break if this does not happen, especially on the Motocross and Thumper track.
All the harder trails on the property will be closed for this weekend, 
Its a great opportunity to get out with the kids and give them a chance to legally trail ride. Children under 15 are required to ride with an adult on the Main Trails.

This year we are going to offer a reduced price for PeeWee riders. This will be limited to 40 riders who will be given a different sticker for their bike. Only bikes with this sticker will be allowed on the PeeWee track. This is limited to learner riders on Peewee 50 style bikes. As the PeeWee track is very busy, riders will need to competent to ride unassisted.
At both events riding will start at 12pm Saturday and at 9am Sunday.
We have raised the limit to 300 riders at the June rally and 220 riders for the family ride. Get in quick, as once it's booked out there will be no more entries!

Our events for 2017 have been run.
Stay tuned to see what is install for future events!


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